During a conference on June 15th, 1961 Walter Ulbricht declared: "No one intends to build a wall." However, since 1958 the SED (the Socialist Unity Party of Germany) had long been scheming a plan, code named Operation Chinese Wall, which would completely seal off of West Berlin from the GDR and would prevent a collapse of the socialist rule in East Germany. When this plan actually became a reality on the night of August 12th, 1961, Winston Churchill's infamous expression of an Iron Curtain had truly materialized right in the heart of Berlin.





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Karl-Heinz Richter is an official tour guide in The Memorial Berlin-Hohenschönhausen and frequently holds public lectures on the subject of political persecution.

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Karl-Heinz Richter's book: "Moscow-Paris Express Train to Freedom",  an Escape from East to West is a first- hand account of his attempted escape from East to West Berlin. On the following pages you'll be able to get a glimpse into the book, which you can also order directly online by clicking here.

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